Silly Little Girl

Original song of mine. It expresses the thoughts of a father who’s child is suffering from an eating disorder. I cannot actually know, because I don’t have such unfortunate child, but based on many years of observation and my sense for empathy I can imagine how it must be like. Try to grasp emotions is simply what musicians do.

There is also a dutch version of this modest video, because of a connection with ANBN, a Belgian organisation of volunteers, working with people that are being confronted with eating disorder issues.

In the background you can hear the voice of Karen Stanford. Since we live a thousand miles from each other the recordings were made separately and joined together afterwards.

Which style of music is it ? Well, my style, just like I felt I had to do it. I could have grabbed my guitar and play it indie style to win many fans of that genre, or go really R&B to obtain the same, nothing to it really, but that wouldn’t be true or sincere. There is no value in showing yourself off as someone you’re not.


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