SOUNDdesign & TelevisionMUSIC

Peter Meyvaert is an acclaimed multi-disciplined, exceptionally versatile artist, best known and highly respected for his work as composer/producer/ sound designer of music for television. The most prominent national Belgian TV networks ( Eén, Canvas, VTM ) put trust in his work on a regular basis. His extensive collection of TV-tunes made him the most broadcasted composer on Belgian television for over a decade, being one of the major audio-stylists for national TV.  He produced an endless list of TV-show-themes.
Numerous international commercials have included his music and/or sound design (Pepsi, Fanta, Mobistar, Opel, Chiquita, Senseo, Zwan, …) and his extensive body of work also encompasses music and soundscapes for musea, theater shows, short films, soaps, industrial films, telephone networks and art installations

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